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Home Staging


Each home is unique and designed to fit different lifestyles, and the way we live in our home is not the way we sell our house.  It’s great to decorate our homes to our personal taste, but when it comes to selling, we need to appeal to the masses. Therefore, having your home staged creates a welcoming, attractive environment which highlights different features of a home in order to raise the potential of its selling value.

We even try to incorporate personalized pieces from the home owners that works with the design concept in mind in order to help make the home appeal to the largest audience of potential buyers!

Here at Carolyn Switzer Designs we can help you do that! We provide a variety of staging services to best deliver a sale for home owners, with our range of home décor to tasteful furniture designs.


Occupied Homes

Occupied Home/Condo’s starting

at $800.

The layout and placement of the furniture in a lived-in home can often be detrimental to getting the highest possible sale price. Due to the fact that home tenants may not be able to see beyond personal decorating styles, photos or belongings. We do however try to use the existing, as well as bringing in additional furnishings and artwork that will help homebuyers to see the potential of the home!

Vacant Homes

Vacant home and Condo’s starting

at $500 per room.

As any experienced marketing expert will tell you, any purchase is based on emotion and only justified with logic after the decision to buy is made. Empty homes can be tough to sell as they appear cold, stark and unwelcoming. When a home is vacant, buyers have nothing to focus on except the tiniest defects on the walls, floors etc.

By furnishing the property with accessories, artwork and lighting, we create a warm, welcoming ambience. We can prove beyond a doubt that furniture fits in a room, which causes buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. By strategically placing the furniture to emphasize beautiful, architectural focal points, such as fireplaces or windows, we can deliver a quick sale.

Staging Consultation

Staging consultation and recommendations starting at $200 for a condo and $250 for a home. There will also be a full detailed report of recommendations for each room that will advise you of recommended changes to be made.


Home consultations will usually take a half hour to two hours, depending on the home size and the amount of work required. This will assist us in determining on how to showcase your home to its best sales potential.

Home Staging is not only a perfect tool for vacant spaces but also a great solution for minimally or fully furnished properties. We can work with existing furniture and enhance the property by adding necessary items that might be lacking such as additional furniture, art and accessories.

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